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"Passing The Torch Of Knowledge"

Sterling Empowerment ~ Pass The Torch Program(P.T.T.P.) 

​​Sterling Empowerment will provide empowerment services through the Pass The Torch Program (P.T.T.P.). The objective for the PTTP is to empower high school students as they transition to college and college students as they transition into careers, with the knowledge and survival skills to excel in life. The PTTP will educate students on: what it takes to matriculate through college; build a resume that stands out to recruiters; how to prepare for a job fair; how to properly prepare for and close an interview; financial literacy and career longevity. These dynamics will serve to break the strongholds that continue to prevent students from securing their rightful place in their homes, schools, neighborhoods, communities, and society.
This program will ultimately empower and instill true grit and motivation into students to take advantage of their collegiate opportunity, and utilize all of the resources they have. The provision of the array of comprehensive services is designed to increase retention and graduation rates and reduced unemployment and underemployment rates for college graduates. 

Program Outline:

The Narrative of Sterling Mark

Conflict Management (Activity)

Personal Branding

Hard Skills Vs. Soft Skills

Building A Resume to Stand Out

60/90 Second Elevator Speech

Dressing for Success/ First Impressions

Properly Preparing for a Job Fair and Interview

Financial Literacy & Career Longevity

Wrap up


Sterling Empowerment also empowers people and students through Motivational Speaking. The motivational speaking segment includes the narrative of Sterling Mark and a tailored empowerment message directed specifically for your motivational needs. Learn more about Sterling Mark on the Contact Page.